Air Filter

Dry Fabric Filter

Media & Constraction :

Special compressed woolen or cotton felt / synthetic needle felt is stitched with wire net and pleated in deep folds. It is encsed in metallic panel type casing. Spacers made of alluminium is provided to segregate the pleats of the media.

Application :

It is applied for fine filtration in air conditioning & ventilation system, suction air filtration in compressors etc.


Product Name : Dry Fabric Filter
Model : CDF Series
Filter Grade : EU 5 to EU 8
Recommended Air Velocity : 1.5 to 2 mtr./sec.
Initial Pressure Drop : 6 to 15 mm. of wg.
Efficiency as per B. S. 2831, Test Dust No II & III : 90 to 98%

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