Air Filter

Pocket Type Bag Filter

Media & Constraction :

It is made of hyloft, HDPE, Synthetic Felt, sandwitched with nylon cloth / tissue, PES (2 to 12 Nos.). Pockets are made in a metallic frame to makes its fitment easy.

Application :

It is applied in air ventilation system e.g. sofisticated industrial assembly rooms, hospitals, airport, for dust collecting in cement plants, brick processing units etc.


Product Name : Multi Pocket Type Bag Filter
Filter Grade : EU 5 to EU 9
Recommended Air Velocity : 1.5 to 3 mtr./sec
Initial Pressure Drop : 6 to 16 mm. of wg
Efficiency as per B. S. 2831, Test Dust No II & III : 90 to 99%.

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