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Pollution Control Systems

Pressurised Ventilation Systems

We are engaged in offering optimum quality Pressurized Ventilation System to the clients. Our System is precision engineered and manufactured using advanced technology to offer high efficiency. These Pressurization and Ventilation Systems are made using tested components to which led them high durability with low maintenance needs. These are available in different specifications to meet the diverse industrial requirements like that of Cement, Steel, Chemical, Sugar & other industries.

Used To Create Positive Pressure By Hindering Dust Entrance In :

• Turbine buildings

• MCC Rooms

• DG Sets

• Compressor Houses

• Load Centers

• Rectifier Rooms

• Substations

Pulsejet Dust Collector

Media & Constraction :

5 or more layers of wire mesh of diferent mesh sizes are stitched together & pleated. It is encased in a M.S. Frame guarded on one side by expanded metal and oil is sprayed to make it viscous.

Application :

It is applied as a pre filter in air conditioning & ventilation system etc

Industrial Scrubber

Media & Constraction :

Special compressed woolen or cotton felt / synthetic needle felt is stitched with wire net and pleated in deep folds. It is encsed in metallic panel type casing. Spacers made of alluminium is provided to segregate the pleats of the media.

Application :

It is applied for fine filtration in air conditioning & ventilation system, suction air filtration in compressors etc.

Cyclone Separator

Application :

It is applied for fine filtration in air conditioning & ventilation system etc.

Air Pressure Module

CADILLAC also manufactures & supplies offer Air Pressure Modules such as Positive Air Pressure Module and Negative Air Pressure Module.

Positive Air Pressure Module

These are of light weight yet durable modules that can be mounted on to ceilings and rooftops. These modules direct the air straight into the HEPA filters and then released into the room. The fresh air creates positive pressure in the room that prohibits the entry of particulates in the room.

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