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Air Washer

CADILLAC has earned a good reputation in manufacturing and installation of superior quality Air Washer System or Industrial Air Washer Unit. An air washer works on the principle of cooling outside air by passing it over water-saturated pads, causing the water to evaporate into it. The cooled air is then directed into the required space.

Air Washer is offered both single and double skin construction. Double skin units are available with aluminum profile also. Our innovative designs guarantee efficient performance, long life expectancy and low maintenance hazards.

Typical Air Washer Specification
Description Specifications
Type Double Skin. (In Aluminum Section)
Outer Casing Constructed in 24 SWG GI Pre Coated.
Inner Casing Constructed in 24 SWG. GI Plain Sheet.
Insulation 23± 1 PUF Insulated having Density 40±2kg/m³.
Water Tank Constructed in SS-304 in 1.2 mm
Type of Blower Forward Curved Belt Drive.
Drive Pulleys Taper Lock V-Groove.
Pump Monoblock Pump
Filter Aluminum Mesh filters with aluminum frame.
Electric Motor Three Phase, TEFC squirrel cage induction motor
Cellulose Paper Pad 200 mm thick (Imported ) of 60 sq. ft. area
Filters Pre Filter (efficiency-90% @ 10 micron) & Fine Filter (efficiency-95% @ 5 micron)
PVC Eliminator 2 Bend
Pipe Fittings PVC/GI pipes with all necessary fittings such as float valve, quick fill,overflow & drain Ports.
Base frame GI sheet Angles & Channels
Capacity 2000 to 50000 CFM

Supermarket, Office, Shopping Mall, Showroom, Restaurant & Bar, School, Institute, Banquet/Conference Hall, Industrial zone, Poultry Farm, Green House, Generator Room etc.


  • Specially designed distributor tray for uniform water distribution.
  • Very high efficiency (upto 90%) with 'Cellulose Paper' cooling pads
  • Low running cost - Huge savings in the power consumption as compared to central air conditioning system.
  • Negligible maintenance
  • Provides dust free environment.
  • Odorless system
  • Low noise level in machines as there are no high pressure nozzles.
  • Quick installation as machine is factory fabricated and has flexibility to re-locate at any time.
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