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HDPE 3 and 5 PLY Filter


Connection Size:-

25 NB to 800 NB flanged end.

Construction :-

The outer casing is fabricated out of Mild steel,Alloy steel or casting(for less than 200 nb) to withstand high pressure. The elements are generally made of perforated sheet & wiremesh of SS-304, SS-316 etc. as per application.

Pressure and Temperature :-

Cast Steel 100 Bar(Max) @ 200 Deg.C max., Alloy Steel 100 Bar(max) @ 260 Deg. C. max.

Micron Rating :-

Range – 10 micron to 500 micron

Application :-

It is suitable for any type of viscous liquid (Lube Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Other Petroleum Oil, Coolant Fluid, Water / Oil Emulsion) at constant pressure drop.

All Metalic Dry and Viscous Filter

Media & Constraction :

5 or more layers of wire mesh of diferent mesh sizes are stitched together & pleated. It is encased in a M.S. Frame guarded on one side by expanded metal and oil is sprayed to make it viscous.

Application :

It is applied as a pre filter in air conditioning & ventilation system etc

Dry Fabric (Micro Vee) Filter

Media & Constraction :

Special compressed woolen or cotton felt / synthetic needle felt is stitched with wire net and pleated in deep folds. It is encsed in metallic panel type casing. Spacers made of alluminium is provided to segregate the pleats of the media.

Application :

It is applied for fine filtration in air conditioning & ventilation system, suction air filtration in compressors etc.

Rod Type Panel Air Filte

Application :

It is applied for fine filtration in air conditioning & ventilation system etc.

Pulse Type Paper Filter

Media & Constraction :

Organic endure type paper is pleated, seperated and encased in a specially designed metallic casing. The pleats are duly spaced as well as reinforced by lines of special adhesive. Cleaning is done by air uplsing.

Application :

It is applied in augmented self-cleaning air filtration system, Gas Turbine.

Semi Absolute Filter

Media & Constraction :

Made of fine water resistance, pleated glass fibre media which is spaced by alluminium spacer. It is housed in a single or double flanged G.I. Casing.

Application :

It is applied to fine filters for air separation plant, centrifugal compressors, Gas Turbine units etc

Hepa Filter

Media & Constraction :

Filter media fabricated from water repellent 100%micro glass fibre paper pleated over corrugated aluminium/paper board seprator,encased in an GI /Al frame.Neoprene sponze rubber sealing provided for leakproof sealing

Application :

Cleanroom of class 1000 & below,Operation Theater,Control room.

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