Air Filter

Mini Pleat Hepa Filter

Media & Constraction :

The basic media of these filters are either glass fibre paper or cellulose and synthetic fibre mix paper. The seperator used are hot melt type and are suitable to work upto temp. of 100 C. The media is encased in aluminium,G.I. frame with no metallic spacers.

Application :

It is applied for multi stage filter system in ACVS, Micro electronic, medicine, and compressors.


Product Name : Mini Plate Hepa Filter
Model : CMP Series
Filter Grade : EU 6 to EU 13
Recommended Air Velocity : 0.5 to 1.5 mtr./sec.
Initial Pressure Drop : 10 to 25 mm. of wg.
Efficiency as per B. S. 2831, Test Dust No II & III : 98 to 99.97%.

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