Liquid Filter

Duplex Strainer


Special Features :-

It is specially designed where uninterruption flow is required. It is made of two parts with 2 nos. 3 way valves or 4 nos. Butterfly valve for maximum utility.Optional feature like pr. drop indicator (audio & visual)can be provided for change over. Complete automation also can be supplied for change over.

Connection Size :-

25 NB to 600 NB flanged end.

Filtration :-

Range – 10 micron to 500 micron.

Pressure and Temperature :-

Cast Steel 100 Bar(max) @ 200 Deg. C max. , Alloy Steel 100 Bar(max) @ 200 Deg. C Max.


The shells are made of fabrication or casting (less than 200 nb)to withstand high pressure. The elements are generally made of perforated sheet & wire mesh of AISI-SS 304, AISI-SS 316 etc. as per application

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