Pollution Control Systems

Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Cadillac dust collector consists of:-

• Dust Collecting hopper with baffle plate or drop out section

• Filter chamber

• Clean gas exhaust chambe

• Cleaning device

The dust laden air enters through inlet of the hopper where baffle plate or drop out section act as a precollector by helping the coarse dust to fall down into the hopper & also it helps air to reduce its velocity with equivalent distribution throughout the filter chamber. Cadillac provides an inspection Door on the hopper. In special cases, where dust are fine top entry can be offered. Filter chamber are equipped with bag filter,cage,venture, Cadillac experience engineers give special attention on selection of Bag Filter fabric, Keeping in mind the type & nature of dust,dust load,temp. of gas,emission level, atmospheric condition etc. For normal application polyester needle felt is being used (temp.100 to 150 degree centigrade) & for high temp. aramide needle felt is used (temp. 180-200 deg.c.). Cadillac can provide cartridge type bag filter where space is constrained. Clean gas exhaust chamber contains bag holding plate or cage plate, blast pipe, accessible door, outlet of gas. We give special attention on cutting of bag holding plate because its provide proper sealing & perfect alignment of the case with the bag. The blast pipes are connected by union joint to maintain automatic alignment with the filter bag. Venturis are set properly with the cage or cage plate to provide support for dedusting of filter bags. This clean chamber is completely accessible by its door. Also railing & platform is provided for support. Cleaning devices, consist of manifold tank which contain compressed air at a pressure about 6-8 kg./sq.m is connected with a solenoid operated diaphragm valve, which are connected with the blast pipe. The compressed air should be oil & moisture free air. The sequential timer is used to control the several diaphragm valve with an extra features of D.P. mode. A.D.P. switch senses the different pressure between clean chamber & filter chamber & start the pulsing. In normal condition timer control the pulsing of diaphragm valve. When dust laden air flows through the filter bag, where the particulates larger than the fabric interstices are deposited on the bag surface to form a cake of dust which act as a efficient filter. When sequential timer starts the diaphragm valve it starts pulsing the filter bag & the bag stretches & excess adhering dust drop to the dust hopper which is removed from hopper by dust discharging device like ravs, chute, screw conveyors etc.

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